Go Cloud-Native to drive innovation faster than ever!

The future of Cloud is made of Serverless, Event-Driven, Cloud-Native Architectures.

Now, it is time to forget about deploying servers forever with the invention of serverless, event-driven applications.

At Veribir, we fasten digital transformation for our clients to drive competitive advantage, customer loyalty and business growth.

To unlock the full potential of digitalization, we integrate and develop cloud-native applications that leverage modern frameworks for rapid innovation, continuous delivery, and superior experiences across any infrastructure, whether on-premises or on a public or private cloud environment.

We extend the functionality of conventional enterprise software to lightweight web applications built with serverless, microservices architecture, low-code development platforms and Software as a Service applications.

Lean Agile

The synthesis of Lean Thinking and Agile practices burns fat and ensures functional software that produces quick and sustainable delivery of value for clients and other stakeholders.

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Cloud Native Architecture

The evolution of cloud has given rise to the new cloud economy that except code and events there is no any hardware nor a server operating system layer to be cared by consumers.

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Microservices running on modern Event-Driven Architectures facilitate rapid innovation, resiliency, scalability, quality assurance and faster time-to-market of software products.

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